We take pride in looking after our fish, their environment and the lake. These rules and allowances are designed to ensure the fish come first and everyone has a memorable time!

Exclusive Hire Allowances…

Bait Boats

We like to keep our lake disease free. Bait boats are not normally allowed however we do make an exceptiong for exclusive use bookings. Upon entering the lake, they are to be treated in our dip tank.


Children are welcome but must remain the responsibility of their parents and guardians and appropriately supervised at all times


Dogs are allowed at our discretion, subject to a handful of conditions. Please get in touch to discuss your options, prior to your booking/visit.


You will be given a key to access the lake via the electric gate, for the duration of your stay. £20 deposit will be taken to protect against damage or loss, and returned upon your departure

General Rules & Regulations…

Nets, Slings & Cradles

Please leave yours at home. We will provide these for you.

Sacks or Retaining Slings

Strictly NO sacks or retaining slings! Anyone caught with either on site will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

Rods & Line

We have a three rod limit. Rods must be tended at all times. With respect to line, we ask that you do not use braided main line or line under 12lb


Safe rigs only. Strictly no fixed leads.


Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks/ long shank nailers 360 etc


No nuts. All particles to be well cooked and soaked.


Baitboats are not allowed for those on a day pass.

Fish Handling

Please keep fish over cradle at all times and NEVER stand. Where required, use Propolis or similar on ALL hook, scale and fin damage. Return fish to the water ASAP using the sling provided. Never carry in your hands.


No waders allowed.


Fishing bivvy/brollies only. No tents or gazebos.


For the enjoyment of everyone, and our neighbours, please respect fellow anglers. No heavy drinking as this can lead to antisocial behaviour and represents a risk to safety around water.

Otter Fence

We are incredibly proud of our lake and the safety of the fish. The otter fence gate MUST be closed immediately behind you at all times.

Toilet & Shower Facilities

If you get caught short, please use the toilets provided and not the bushes. Please keep the toilet and shower clean and tidy at all times.


Take everything home with you. This includes all food waste and cigarette ends.


For those on a Day Ticket, we do not allow guests. None fishing spouses are the exception to the rule. We charge £5 per  person. Please notify us in advance.


For those on a Day Ticket, we do not allow dogs.

Minimum Age

16 years and over.


Damage or Injury

Lin Brook Carp Fishery accept no responsibility for any loss damage or injury while on site, however caused.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We operate a zero tolerance policy, if you break these rules you will be asked to leave without a refund!