Carp Fishing Ringwood

Welcome to Lin Brook specimen Carp open access fishery in Ringwood Hampshire

Lin Brook offers top quality carp fishing.

Set in the heart of the Avon valley on the outskirts of the new Forrest national park..

The lake

This mature six acre gravel pit has abundants of features including gravel patches, reeds, a small island and lots of Carpy overhangs in the margins. There are a total of 11 swims including 2 doubles, 10 to be fished at any one time leaving the last person to arrive choice of at least 2 swims. All swims are fitted with 240 volt electric sockets. The double swims are the only swims that are bookable. Swim 5 & 8.


There are approximately 460+ Carp to 38lb, as well as some very rare albino grass carp to 25lb+

We used the best fish farms in the country to obtain our desired stock. There are currently no fewer than 20+ 30’s and 250+ 20’s.

The fish in terms of growth since stocking, have been phenomenal the best fish increasing by 7lb + in one season.

I’m sure you will agree these young fast growing fish are magnificent!


6 acres
11 swims
 250+ 20s
20+ 30s
Lake record 38lb